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The Pace Layer Model and what it means for Web3 and NFTs

A recommendation

I first heard about the Pace Layer Model in Louis Schulze’s Podcast FUTUR3 when Martin El-Khouri was a guest and it struck me immediately and got stuck in my head.

So, I’ve had this topic on my „list of potential LinkedIn-Posts“ for quite some time…

Originally I wanted to write my own LinkedIn Post on this but during the research (yes, actual research for a post and not only copy-paste from ChatGPT), I stumbled about the Medium article from Martin El-Khouri regarding exactly what I wanted to write about.

And to be honest, there’s not much to add…

So instead of re-writing Martin’s article and adding one or two ideas and thoughts, I’ll just stick with a very strong reading recommendation and leave it at that:

If you want to learn more, check out the other Insights-Articles!

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