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Confusion as a necessary feature of disruption

By Dominic Klopsch – Co-Founder TIVAN Consulting

If you remember this from Matthew Ball‘s new book „The Metaverse: And how it will revolutionize everything“ then that’s because it’s the title of a chapter. And it made me think. A lot. 

Confusion as a necessary feature of disruption

The Metaverse is an idea that has many different variations

The Metaverse is more of an idea, an image or a rough description rather than something tangible or touchable. This enables all sorts of stakeholders and interested parties to bend the definition to their own ideas.

Take large consultancies: They will most certainly provide you with a definition or a roadmap that strengthens their core-competencies, e.g. if they are specifically experienced in Artificial Intelligence, their version and vision of the Metaverse will inherently include Artificial Intelligence.
If you think about these different variations of a definition, it totally makes sense from a corporate perspective: No company would provide a definition of the Metaverse and at the same time not be able to deliver and cater to this specific definition. So eventually, depending on who you talk to you, you will hear all sorts of definitions and approaches.
And potentially this will leave you confused. 

In the beginning, nobody knew what the internet was going to become

If we think back at the beginning of the internet, this was more or less the same situation. Nobody really knew what to do with it and why it could become important. What is it capable of? How could it’s future look like? Why would we want to use it? Most of the answers to these questions were only vague ideas, even by the experts. But take our current reality, it is impossible to think of it without the internet. 
If this logic applies to the concept of the Metaverse, this means that the potential of it can be seen, but not it’s inherent nature and it’s specific use cases. It’s even more complex to guess which use cases will eventually become successful and accepted by the masses. Same goes for NFTs.

We are only starting to see where this will lead us to

So if you’re stuck with the idea of the Metaverse being a dystopian future where everyone will sit in dark rooms and only live virtually, this will probably not become reality.  

The reality, however, will likely be we will be stuck in confusion for quite a while before the actual breakthrough use cases emerge… 

You better get comfortable with the idea of „the Metaverse“ impacting your life but at the same time not knowing how, where and when it will actually unleash its disruptive power!

And also make sure to check out the book by Matthew McBall: “The Metaverse and how it will revolutionize everything

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