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Web3 - a major catalyst for the Gaming Industry?

Gaming in web3 is a two-sided sword: There are those that say NFTs and the uprising of web3 is an inherent part of gaming and there are those that strongly detest these developments. But what’s the reality and what can we expect from the future?

Our services

Project Consulting

Our key competences lay in general project consulting. TIVAN is your partner during all stages of your project supporting and advising from the concept and pre-mint phase, all the way to post-mint and beyond.

Deep Dive Analysis

Our team will conduct in-depth analyses of your project set-up and provide fact- and research-based proposals on how to improve certain metrics. Upon request, TIVAN also offers custom analyses of specific web3 and NFT-related topics.

Strategic Advisory

TIVAN provides strategic consulting services by leveraging our deep insights and knowledge on the NFT and Web3-Space, taking into account the brand and positioning of our clients and developing a strategic framework and guidance based on a variety of methods and principles. Our clients can rely upon TIVAN as being the right partner to not only explore the possibilities of this new space but also to set-up the right measures in order to be successful in a long term.

Community Management

As community is a recurring theme in web3 and one of the most important factors of successful NFT projects, community management is a key factor contributing to a project's success. Through TIVAN's experience in community management, you will receive tailored advice on setting up your Discord server and hiring the right people to optimize your connection with your community.


We are TIVAN, a consulting company with deep roots in the community of the NFT-Space. We spent months studying the basic principles of successful projects, researching data and being active members in the community, not only as investors but also as moderators in large and successful projects. Our analysis and recommendations are aimed at improving both existing projects in early and later stages, as well as providing advice on the basic setup of new projects. Our applications are versatile and individually configurable. Every project in the NFT space is unique in structure, roadmap, type and implementation and the consulting of the project should be just as unique.

Dominic Klopsch


Dominic received his Master’s of Science in media- and communications management at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences in 2017.
He began his career as a management consultant at a major international consultancy specializing in the automotive industry. Subsequently, he joined an electromobility start-up before co-founding TIVAN.

Fabian Pöhler


Fabian graduated from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with a Master’s degree in computer science.
He started his professional career working at a software company, where he was mainly focussing on app development – a field in which he would eventually co-found his first business called “divTimer”.

Lukas Pöhler

founder & CCo

Lukas graduated from Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University majoring in business administration and engineering.
As a product manager in the automotive industry, he’s helping to shape the vehicles of tomorrow for the Chinese market.

Our strategic approach

In order to support our customers in the most efficient way, we’ve developed our own strategy, which we use when approaching new projects.
We do not only provide our in-depth analyses on the NFT market and web3 in general, but rather put this information to use by creating customized proposals based on the needs and requirements of our customers.

Market Status Report July 2022

TIVAN’s monthly market status report provides its readers with all they need to know about the NFT market.
The report comprises comprehensive and in-depth analyses of the NFT market and shines a light the key topics of the past month in NFTs.
It covers the biggest headlines in NFTs, facts and figures about trading activity, an overall overview over major NFT collections, as well as TIVAN’s assessment of the state of the market in general.
To round it off, the monthly market status report contains some of TIVAN’s favourite projects for the upcoming months as well as a general outlook into the short-term future of the NFT space.


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